Kairos Adventures

Kairos Adventures is a daily arts and opportunities program empowering teens and adults living with disabilities in Central Florida, helping them to discover and develop their unique God-given purpose and potential.

We believe that absolutely everyone is beautifully made in the image of our Creator, with gifts to share to make the world a better place. By engaging in the creative process, artists of all abilities are encouraged to be brave and intentional in finding their voices and sharing their talents with the world. We currently offer classes online and at three locations in Orange & Seminole counties, including drama, dance, martial arts, culinary arts, studio arts, creative expression, video production, and songwriting, while also offering weekly outings and service projects to every artist in our program.

More than just an art program, we also offer local outings and community service projects so that our artists can explore the world and give back to our local community. Last year, our artists served at food pantries, schools, daycare centers, and a variety of nonprofits in Central Florida, providing more than 3,000 hours of community service—helping those in need and demonstrating the incredible, powerful love of God!

We opened our doors on January 9, 2023, hoping to connect 20 families to our programs; we expanded quickly and served 87
participants in our first year. In one year, Kairos Adventures has built a beautiful community that celebrates faith, friendship, kindness, and inclusion while addressing a huge need for programs that serve individuals and families living with disabilities.

For more information about our programs or to get involved, visit us online at www.KairosAdventures.org or call 407-494-0484.