Sample Proposal

Proposal Summary                              


The XYZ Health Organization began in 1976 as a grass-roots, community effort led by 18 organizations who hired Jane Doe to address the lack of service available to the poor and homeless.  Jane would walk the streets and go into areas where they gathered and provide a listening ear and a hand of compassion.  Then Jane reported back to the committee regarding the two most pressing needs she had identified: the needs of homeless young people, and the lack of access to primary health care services for those living on the street.

The Mission Statement of XYZ Health, a 501 © (3) non-profit organization, reads:

We, the XYZ Health Organization, created out of diverse religious traditions, seek to build relationships with those in need in order to empower them to meet their own needs.  We recognize the dignity, uniqueness, and value of each person, we accept individuals as they are, in an affirming and compassionate manner.

Today, the XYZ Health Organization’s 65 employees and over 500 volunteers continue the work that Jane Doe began by continuing to bring our services to the point of need.  We have been able to serve thousands of individuals every year, providing shelter, health care and making over 65,000 contacts in our city in fiscal year 2003.

With a past grant from The Chatlos Foundation we were able to develop a mobile unit that is staffed by health professionals, trained volunteers and supported by many Neighborhood organizations.  In order to help us sustain this important work, that improves the lives of thousands, the XYZ Health Organization respectfully requests a grant of $___________ from The Chatlos Foundation in renewed support of our outreach program.

Some highlights of the XYZ Health Organization include:

  • Work began in 1976 under Jane Doe’s leadership.
  • Our health outreach began to homeless young people in 1989.
  • Purchased a 33-foot customized bus to use in the health program in 1992.
  • Opened the first shelter in 1990.
  • Today XYZ Health Organization has a network of shelters in our city and we are in the process of purchasing additional property.

The target population for our Outreach and Health Ministry program is primarily, but not exclusively, homeless and at-risk people.  Other populations who seek our services include unsupervised children, uninsured and under-insured people, isolated senior citizens, persons struggling with alcohol and/or drug abuse and others who are the most vulnerable of our society.

Chronic health care problems can be exacerbated by compromised access to health services.  Problems like hypertension, diabetes, circulatory problems, foot problems and lack of dental care can reach crisis levels when they go untreated.  In addition, lack of information, lack of trust in traditional health care providers, and of course, lack of insurance, often precludes those in need from being properly informed on behaviors that put them at extra risk, such as HIV/AIDS, STDs and other communicable diseases. For example Tuberculosis, a disease many think is “no longer a threat” thrives today in homeless populations, where the infection rate can be three times higher than average.

Establishing trust is the key element in our success. Volunteers play a pivotal function for the XYZ Health Organization.  Both from the Outreach Bus or out in the shelters, they provide soup suppers, sack suppers, and distribute cookies, hot chocolate and lemonade.  Community groups and congregations organize and staff many volunteer events.  During our recently completed fiscal year, over 75 volunteer groups gave more than 2,500 hours of volunteer service at 172 events held at the Outreach centers.  They served 30,600 sandwiches, soup, and sack suppers.  Agency-wide, volunteers provided 12,380 hours to XYZ Health Organizations with a total value of $254,409 to the agency.

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