Desire Street Ministries

Desire Street Ministries continues in its calling and journey to make every neighborhood a desirable place to live.  From a single Bible study in the Desire neighborhood of New Orleans, to a stable organization that focuses on helping others reach thousands of kids and families living in impoverished neighborhoods, Desire Street and local ministry partners are striding forward on this path toward revitalization of urban communities across America.

Transforming impoverished urban neighborhoods into flourishing, healthy communities is the goal, and Desire Street believes that bolstering the leaders in those neighborhoods is the best route toward that goal.   Urban ministry leaders walk amidst some of the toughest challenges in the United States today: concentrated poverty, failing schools, unsafe streets, deteriorated housing, high unemployment, inadequate health care.  In this maze of need those who commit themselves to ministry in today’s cities navigate toward glimmers of light and hope. They walk in God’s promises to uncover His hidden beauty in places marred by outward decay.

Our Mission – To love our neighbor by revitalizing impoverished neighborhoods, through spiritual and community development.

Our Vision – To partner with leaders in developing, thriving and sustainable urban ministries.

Our Purpose – Desire Street Ministries gathers and directs resources on the goal of revitalizing impoverished neighborhoods. We seek, educate and engage individuals and organizations with a heart for the inner-city—and coach and care for urban ministry leaders called there to live and work. Our partnership approach encourages, equips, empowers and connects leaders to build effectiveness and sustainability in their efforts towards spiritual and community development. Currently partnering with 7 ministries in 4 cities across 3 states, we continue the work where our roots are—rebuilding the Ninth Ward of New Orleans.